Sunday, December 19, 2010

Broke girls who can't afford to shop at Whole Foods

Its okay, I can't afford a whole grocery list at Whole Foods either. Although I would totally love to eat EVERYTHING organic, I simply can't afford it. With the New Year quickly approaching many of you will most likely make a resolution to get healthier. So the following are just a few tips that I implement in my life.

My first recommendation for you readers is to not think of it as a diet, but a lifestyle of eating choices. I am no doctor or nutritionist (so don’t sue me!!) but I have been working out for half of my life due to sports. So lets start off with my 'Broke' recommendations:

1. Don’t stop eating: DONT STARVE! It's not going to help, trust me I know. Put down the cheeseburger because you might as well inject the fat in those thighs. If you’re hungry, eat food. Have oatmeal, a banana, a glass of fat free milk, an apple, a handful of raw almonds, pretzels, a bean burrito, scrambled eggs (hold the butter) OR if you must have a burger, eat a veggie burger!! Haven’t tried one? As a carnivore-turned-Veggie Peace Girl, I think they taste way better than regular cheeseburgers. Or you can message me, I've had some pretty awesome veggie burgers all over LA. I know ALL the spots ;)

2. Indulge: Yes, you read it right! Indulge once in a while. Reward your self in proportion. Don’t leave the computer just yet to go indulge!!… calm down… relax, breathe, just remember; ‘Proportion’. Now go snack on something ;)

3. Fitness: If you indulged, do an extra 15 minutes in the gym. Remember, its about quality not quantity. You need to have discipline. I used to have about an hour every day to work out. Now, that’s not possible. I simply don't have the time. I work out for 35 minutes 4 days out of the week. If you don't have a gym pass, go hit the pavement, it's free. Do lunges using stairs. You don't have stairs?... Use the side walk! Improvise. If you only have 20 minutes to run. Do a set of 10- ‘50 yard’ sprints. You dont have time to leave the house because you have to take care of the kiddies? Try Yoga! :)

 (Read more after the "jump")...

4. Fitness University: You need to get educated. Read the labels. Keep a food journal on what you are eating to get accustomed to absorbing all that you eat in one day. Read about how certain foods have more nutritious value than other foods. Example: instead of eating a big fat steak, have a lentil soup. Both have iron and lots of protein BUT… the lentils have fiber and a cow didnt have to die!! :( RIP.

5. You are beautiful: Don't let anyone else tell you different. But don't get lazy! It's not about looking good or doing it to be thin, it's about feeling good. When you feel good, you look GORGEOUS when you strut. Let's be healthy!

My mentality with eating and working out is that I am a single mom. If I get sick because I was lazy and didn't take care of myself I wont have anyone to take care of me. Yes I have health insurance but health insurance companies are crooked!! (Have you seen Sicko??) You can't depend on them to make you better. Who knows, they may not even cover your bill. So why risk it?

I know many of you were probably expecting a list of things to eat, but I wanted to cover the 'mentality' that goes into a healthy lifestyle first. Remember I am not certified. BUT- I am living proof of what works and what doesn't. Remember- You are what you eat; YES, REALLY!! 50% of what you eat will show in your body. Its 50% food 50 % fitness.

Here is my list of things I buy at Whole Foods (or Trader Joe's):
Raw almonds (About a handful)
Milk (I like fat free)
Meat & seafood (I don't eat meat, so I buy tofu or portabella mushrooms instead)

Everything else I just buy at the grocery store. I can't tell you what to eat because we all have different bodies (but if you have questions message me), but my rule of thumb is… ‘If it wasn’t around when Adam and Eve were alive… then its probably not good for you’.

Heels & Kisses,



This post was dedicated to Glenda ;)

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