Tuesday, November 30, 2010

janea's favorite things, vol. 1

Hello! We're back from our Thanksgiving break and excited to get to blogging again.  I wanted to share with you a few things that I am in LOVE with right now. I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures...it's my first blog mosaic ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

more adventurous

Living in LA is a blessing but can also be a nightmare at times: tourists, traffic, that rainstorm that happens once every three months, and earthquakes (!!).  Those things kind of make you want to GTFO* but who can afford it?  Well, if you’re all about ballin’ on a budget like we are, you find a way to make it work. Sometimes you split the tab between hotel and air, or you get a super sick deal, or you’re traveling as part of your job, you make the best of it and look your best while doing it ;)
Whether you're swimming in Belize or riding mopeds in Honolulu, traipsing around Miami or freezing your ass off in Aspen, you can manage to spend little to nothing and look incredibly cute while doing so.

Nadia in Miami in front of the Versace Mansion!!

Here are more pictures, after the jump...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mission Impossible

Mission #62; Find a cute, warm, winter outfit that can be worn to a rainy dinner date...

Mr. New Yawk (Ma' boo) called me and told me he is taking me out to dinner Saturday. I was so excited and sad at the same time because he leaves for a week back to NYC :( So whats a girl to do when its expected to rain Saturday night and i somehow want to look romantic and stay warm at the same time? (And i also want to steer clear from Mucinex and cough medicine for 2 weeks!) I was out on a mission to find the perfect sweater dress.

I am no fan of sweater dresses. Maybe its my body and my budget ($$ ekk!!) thats got me hatin' on sweater dresses that make me look frumpy and old. I walked into good ol' G Stage in Los Angeles and i found the cutest sweater dress.
I'm wearing this with my fake 'pleather' leggings and boots tomorrow night!!

Total $25 bucks with tax!! CHAAOO ;)
Heels & Kisses,


"Who's that chick?"-Rihanna

Buenas Tardes SeƱoritas & Caballeros,

I went to another little store called 'Fashion Inc' on Long Beach blvd in South Gate, on my very busy Friday day off. I know many of you are busy, as am i. I work FT, take 9 units, I'm a single mom and somehow manage to make it through the day without wanting to quit on life.

The holidays are quickly approaching and somehow i forgot that Thanksgiving is next Thursday (YEAH I KNOW!!). I went to the store with the purpose of finding 2 looks for the holidays.

I wanted to find a 'day look'; something comfortable and stylish that you can wear when you are doing your holiday shopping or you're running errands. Something practical that will make you avoid the 'sweat pants' (you know what I'm talking about, you should have thrown those away years ago!!). And i also wanted to find something that will make people stop and say; "DAYYUUMM!!''.

Here is my day look that can be worn with leggings..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hello Faithful Reader,

(I'm assuming there's one reader by accident)

I'm so excited you found us! Now for the important stuff...

I was driving home to change before my class tonight and I decided to stop by a little fashion store by my house on Alameda in Los Angeles. If you ever drive by those little 'fashion stores' please take a second look. They aren't bad. And from personal experience, I feel that the more you open your mind, the more creativity and style will come from 'just browsing'.

This is what I tried on at the store. I'm sorry if the picture might be a bit blurry, but just so you get an idea of the prices; the shirt was $17 and the shorts were $12 BUCKS!!!! YES, I SAID TWELVE. The outfit is way cute and with the right accessories and shoes, I feel this look can go a long way.

This cute outfit will cost $30+ tax. And can be worn to dinner, a girls night out, a date, when you want to make boys drul, etc...

I found this faboulous outift at G-stage in Walnut Park on Alameda st. Its a short drive from Downtown LA (about 15 min).
Below is the website

Heels & Kisses,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

'If i was a rich girl'- Gwen Stefani

Yay! My first official post. (it took me forever to figure this out, thanks Janea!)

So i guess I'm supposed to take the time and talk about myself and the purpose of this blog. I don't want to talk about myself (y'all would get bored!), but i do want to talk about something that happened to me recently and it has happened to me in the past.

I went to lunch with this girl named A. A was wearing this gorgeous Vince sweater, awesome studded flats, cute shorts and this AAAHMazing prada purse (YES! It was real). When i first saw her, i thought; 'OHMAGAWD! I love what she's wearing!!'. But then that feeling quickly faded and turned into this sadness. I looked terrible. I was wearing my gray J brand skinny jeans and a $7 dollar white shirt with some Aldo sandals (that are worn out btw) that i bought at the Aldo outlet. What she wore killed my 'confidence'. It obviously wasn't confidence at all because it got killed within a minute. (FML)

But I kept thinking 'why do i feel this way all the time?' So i started to reflect back on all the times i have felt this way due to someone being dressed way better than me, and its because i look and dress 'broke'.

I hate that feeling. Knowing that someones status and beauty is defined by the clothes $$ they choose to buy.

Many of you reading this may know what that feeling is like. Many of you don't. I guess the purpose of this blog was to prove that great style shouldn't be defined by the size of your wallet or the brand you are capable of buying. The idea behind this, is to prove that great style isn't 'bought'; its created. Whether you spend $5 or $5000 dollars. If we were all rich, we would look awesome too, but were not. So the purpose is; 'Why should I compromise my fashion style just because i am young and broke?'

I hope that through this blog you see that we are no different than you, we're just young, broke, LA girls trying to live life & look awesome doing it!

Happy Inspiration! :)

Heels & Kisses,


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The concept of this blog was developed during a time of extreme want of a sea-change in both of our lives. In addition to the "something new" we've been looking for, we also hope to serve a purpose to other like-minded individuals who sort of go against the grain and try to forge their own paths, but do so with limited resources.

I don't know about you but to me $60 is a "splurge" not a "bargain" as some other magazines and blogs would have you believe. Our saying the last few months has been, "Holy crap, $20 is a lot for work pants!"  And it's true!  It's so hard to part with money, especially in these times, so if you really value your money you will work smarter with what you already have and try to find less expensive options (think: bargain hunting without sacrificing personal style or annoying people by talking about how "cheap" you are).

We may not be here every day but we're here as much as we can be. We are just like many of you - we work full time jobs, we're both in school, and we are both very dedicated to our families. We also believe that you definitely don't have to sacrifice hard-earned money for fashion, and that being stylish trumps being trendy.

We all have our bad days: days we wish no one would see us, laundry days when you're walking around in just something awful, perhaps waking up very late for work and not exactly taking note to the color of sweater you decide to wear with a certain skirt, or throwing on a pair of pants that might be a little (a lot) wrinkled and you can't quite detect where that stain came from.

But there are those good days when you think to yourself, "Damn! I wish I had a camera on me right now! I look good!"  And those are the sort of confidence building days we hope to share with you, and want you to share with us as well. Feeling good about yourself pays dividends, and when you feel good you'll smile more. And you'll keep building yourself up and just feel like you can walk on clouds in your not-so-Christian-Louboutins...

xo janea
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