Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Black or White?

This has nothing to do with money, shopping, clothes, or style, but I just wanted to share an interesting blog I came across today.  I was searching for "racially ambiguous" names for this character I'm developing for a school assignment in my creative writing class, as race is not a relevant characteristic to the girl nor is it relevant to the advancement of the plot. However, and God knows why, race is still relevant in our society and often impedes the advancement of certain social classes, conventions, economics, among many other things.

This blog is called is called "Biraciality" and here are Erica's words from her "about me" page:
Here on my blog you will read about my “Biracial Experience” and my opinion on controversial issues with being mixed. Race and racism did not become an acknowledged part of my life until my middle school year. I knew my father was white and my mother was black, and I was beautiful creation of the two somewhere in between. But that was okay, it made sense to my family and I . On the other hand my classmates were the ones who simply did not understand, that a lucky girl like me could have the best of both worlds!
Please note that she did not solicit this post or ask me to review or post her blog. I just wanted to write about it and since this is my playground I can do what I want ;)

It's thought-provoking and reignited an examination on just how I self-identify and express myself, and hoped that it could help other people who may be struggling with their identities as well.  We're all in it together!


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  1. I totally know which assignment you are talking about! Ha!
    I need to get on that too and create this characters out of thin air and make them believe they have flesh and bones!


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