Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yes, Fleas!

When i was young, my mother had this fascination with flea markets, second hand stores, & yard sales. I don't know why, but i hated the thought of buying 2nd hand goods. Maybe as a child, my imagination would run a little wild & i would literally think of fleas when my mom would peace out to do her daily rounds. My mom would get sooo excited to find silverware for $2 bucks, or crystal cake stands, or one of a kind vintage chairs. My mom still loves it & over the years has collected full sets of dishes for all her daughters (there's 4 girls) so when she dies, we all have sets. (<--- My mom is 50, she's crazy!!) Anyway- recently, last year i ventured out to the flea market against my will. I was surprised with a day trip to the Rose bowl flea market, & i immediately fell in love.

I found this turquoise vintage buffet table that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE! This inspired the style for my apartment. It was my Christmas present <3>

This buffet table pretty much inspired it all. I ordered a custom made couch to compliment the style.

You can redecorate your home buying vintage, second hand goods at flea markets for more than half the cost of your redecorating budget!! Most of the time, i would say, its more stylish. I have been searching high & low for vintage chairs that i can re-upholster. I haven't found them yet but there is a great selection at the Rose bowl flea market. Here's what i found:

Every time i come here i get so excited. Hopefully soon i will find my dinning chairs so i can finally finish my apartment. Let's cross our fingers :)

Heels & kisses,


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