Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shabby Chic

Eeep! Sorry for the severe lack of updates recently. I feel like the next few weeks will result in another drought (we are in LA after all haha)... Uni transfer apps are due this month, and I also have a few research papers due this month....and just life in general (Thanksgiving, upcoming Holiday Party...etc!)

 Today I had a little time to play around on Polyvore and created a set where everything is $40 or less. The skirt is from Top Shop ($20), the tights are from Anthropologie ($14), the shoes can be found on LuLu's or any similar site (at or under $40), and the bag is from Dorothy Perkins ($40). The lipstick is M.A.C. "Frou" (it's beautiful!!!).  And the floral shirt can be found at any mall store for about $15 or any thrift store for $4 - $10.

shabby chic
My favorite thing, of course, are the shoes. I am on the lookout for a comfy pair of brown oxford peep-toe wedges. I don't like buying peep-toe shoes sight unseen because I don't know how my toes will look in them!  But you get the general idea of the outfit. 

Tights under a mini-skirt are a fall staple.  You can make the outfit warmer by layering on a cozy cable knit cardigan in any neutral color (grey, black, cream, taupe) or any color popped from your outfit ;).  If you do go bold in your outfit, I would suggest a neutral face...maybe a shimmery natural eye, heavy mascara, nude lip.  Pretty and fresh =) 

Until next time! 



  1. thank you! i like the "lipstick" color tights from Spanx...they are almost a dead on match. =)


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