Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A gem: In Huntington Park!

I kinda feel like a jerk. I found this amazing cute little fashion store by my house and i havent written about it, due to the fact that i dont want this store to blow up into something super awesome because i dont want them to raise their prices. LOL.

Yes, i know i suck! But i'm writing about it now arent i? LOL.

This store is called D N Dollar. Yes! the name says: "ghetto" written all over it. I have no idea why they named it that. But you have to trust me on this one. This place is a gem. Every time i come here, i walk out with something. Usually under $20 bucks.

I got myself this cute blazer for $13 bucks and this sheer floral top for $11 bucks! (No, i'm really not kidding about the prices! its really that cheap!) The fanny pack/belt was $12 bucks.

This silk block colored top is $10 bucks and the loose pants are $18

The sheer floral print top is $10 bucks, and i'm wearing it with the tanned blazer thats $13 bucks.

This blazer was my favorite! Its $22 bucks. I didnt buy it because i already have a white linen one, and i'm on a 'cup-a-noodle' budget :(

I loooooooove this clutch!!!! Only $20 bucks!

I also love this turquoise one, also for $20 bucks.
If you're ever in the Huntington Park area, you must stop by this store. Below are the details.

D N Dollar || 6623 Pacific Blvd || Huntington Park, CA 90255 || 323.581.7227

Hope you find something GORGEOUS for $10 bucks!

Heels & kisses,

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