Thursday, February 2, 2012

In Wonderland: Surrealist Adventures of Women Artist

I LOOOOOVE modern art. I love going to see art exhibitions, even if i go alone. I simply just get lost in it. I was recently at the LA Art show of Modern Art alllll by my lonesome self! It comes as a surprise that i have never been to LACMA. (not kidding). I've always said that I've wanted to go and Ive never made time for it, until now.

LACMA is doing an art exhibition on 'Surrealist Adventures of Women Artist' from Mexico and the US. This is such a great time to see the beautiful works of amazing women who have modeled the way we view art and life, and who have influenced women today! The exhibition captures works from the 1930's-1960's.

The exhibition started January 29th and runs through May 6th. I am buying my ticket and taking my litto happy butt over this next Saturday. I'm sooo excited. Take a friend, your mother, your sister, or someone. But just GO!
(Image credit: LACMA)
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  1. If you wait until Feb 20th they're doing free admission that day just fyi.


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