Monday, March 26, 2012

Creature from the Dry Lagoon

I'm an early planner. I always have been. I make lists upon lists and rarely do I deviate from those lists. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I had already planned out my birthday celebration before February had even ended when my birthday isn't until the end of July. Welp, this year...

(img src)
I decided that I'm going to the MotoGP Grand Prix at Laguna Seca!!  You're like, "Huh???"  Well I went last summer for my bday and it was a blast! This year I'll be camping overnight too. I can't wait! Which is so weird, because this is how I usually feel -

I love not camping (img src)
It's not as ~glamorous~ as Nadia's trip to Coachella, but I need to plan and shop nonetheless. I'm inspired:

Americana (src)
Ready, set, go (source)
Who knows, maybe I'll have pink hair?
There are so many lists to make. What should I bring?? Any tips for overnight camping? It's tent camping at a campsite near the track. I've never camped outside of a cabin before. All I know is that alcohol is a must :)

Thanks in advance for any advice!!



  1. if you're camping in a tent at a campground, it will be easy peasy! they usually have bathhouses with running water and toilets (and even soap, in some cases!) some have showers, too. 

    my overnight list isn't much different for camping than it is for staying overnight anywhere else, really. make sure you bring some mosquito spray (try to get 100% deet if you can). are you guys going to have a campstove? or just cook by the campfire? hotdogs are really easy to do by fire, or you could bring some "instant" boxed food if you have a stove. we always pre-cook some meals (like chicken & rice) and then heat over the stove with some instant mashed potatoes or something. 

    I would opt for flipflops or sandals instead of the flats, because I always get sand or dirt in my shoes when I'm camping, regardless of whether I'm at the beach or in the forest.

    bring a flashlight!! and a hook, so you can hang it from the top of the inside of your tent so you can see at night. it's no fun rummaging through your bag in the cold and dark. I recommend bringing a sleeping bag and pad thinger, but if it won't be too cold, some blankets and a pad could be ok. 

    I dunno, I feel like I'm rambling. you can fb / text me if you have questions!! :)

  2. Bug repellant especially for bees!!!

  3. hey kelly!!

    Yeah it's like tent/campground camping. basically it's a campsite with a shower/toilet area, and you park next to or in your vehicle. We're planning on camping on the ground (even though initially we were going to sleep in the bed of the truck with a truck tent. 

    Anyway, the flashlight with a hook is a great idea. I have no idea about the cooking stuff - IDK what we're allowed to bring in terms of cooking equipment. Most likely I'll still be veggin' out so IDK what kind of veg stuff goes well camping.  My favorite food to eat right now is spinach lol. 


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