Friday, March 16, 2012

Yard sales = Diamonds in the rough!

My mom, my sister Alice, and Janea, have always been telling me to go to yard sales. Yes, i am surrounded by amazing 'savvy-shoppin' women, and they've all told me that i would find eclectic gems, it's just a matter of lookin' around. But truth is... i never listened. Who the hell has time for this stuff? If you know me, you know that i always have a list of things to do and I'm always in a hurry.

The other day, i was driving to the gym (#4 of things to do on my day off), and i drove through a street that had about 8 yard sales going on. From the corner of my eye i spotted ugly yellow tufted arm chairs. My gut told me to stop. I pulled over and i saw the ugly chairs and i saw something beautiful. (I have an eye for transformation and creativity).

I asked the guy how much for the chairs and he said: "$50 bucks for both chairs and the ottoman". In my head i was yelling: "HOLY MO'FO'!!!! TAKE IT NADIA, TAKE IT!" I somehow also haggled delivery included in that fee, and he took it.

These chairs are in solid condition. And i cannot wait to reupholster them. Janea sent me a link of another blogger who recently reupholstered her chairs

Retail, these chairs would've easily cost me $800 bucks a piece. But luckily, i got them for $50 bucks, which seriously saved me about $1400 (I'm subtracting the upholstery cost) ;)

I'm still undecided about what pattern and color i would like to do them in, since my color scheme is turquoise, black enamel, and white (I'm painting the table above black enamel). After i redo the chairs, i will buy this dining table from Zgallerie ($449.00) to finally complete my look at home. And once the project is finished, i will post pictures of my 'Broke-ultra-chic-fabulous' apartment! :)

If any of you have ideas on what color/pattern i should do my chairs, feel free to share!

p.s. Yes, I'm aware that i owe these fabulous women lots of kudos since they've been telling me to go to yard sales my entire life!


  1. Oooh I love a good score from a garage (yard) sale!  Although i'm usually just running straight for the books haha xx

  2. HAHAHA! I know, right? I've not a yard sale kinda girl but after this awesome buy, i think i might start going more often.


  3. Hi there! This is 3QC of Three-Quarter Chic. Those chairs are a total score! With your color scheme, how about solid black velvet for the upholstery?

    Let me know if you need my upholstery guy's info!

  4. what kind of paint are you going to use for the table you want to paint black enamel? is it just a spray paint or something more specific?


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