Thursday, April 26, 2012

Color Wonderful!

So, I guess I'm just now tapping into that rebellious side that has been repressed for so long...I mean, when I was a teenager the craziest thing I did was not do my homework a few times -__-  But I digress...

Katy Perry || Source: LA Times
I have always wanted to have crazy hair colors. I was always so envious of performers like Gwen Stefani who proudly rocked their "alt" coifs, but now that I have no corporation to answer to, I can do whatever the flip I want ;)

Here is my plan:

The top picture is for color placement. I love the highlights in the front but on the bottom half of the hair. My current hair color is black with some of my tips in the bottom layer of my hair dyed green.

The second photo is the color (candy) pink I want highlighted in my hair, and the sea-foam green is the second color I'd like perhaps blended in. Kinda watermelony? Whatever. I dig it like a shovel.

I'm in contact with a salon in the South Bay and if they have read through my neurotic Facebook message, then kudos to them...and if they're up for the challenge then so am I!

Excited  ♥♥♥♥


p.s. These pictures are from my Pinterest beauty board. I could not find the original sources, even through a reverse image search. If you are the owner and would like credit, please contact me!


  1. love it!! you are making me miss coloring my hair random colors ... its almost summer ..time to play with colors ;) 

  2. I can't wait!! I need to get it professionally done. I tried doing my own dip dye, but I NEVER buy the right hair bleach. The color still looks OK but I am very impatient, and I hate the mess!

  3. I think you should go with Green! 

  4. I think you're right!  I have to do a color consultation first. I just have no tiiiime :(


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