Friday, May 25, 2012

Michael Kors Tote

Afternoon Quikie!

I am absolutely in love with this tote. I am not a label whore. Wow! I almost believed that one. LOL. No- seriously... i dont like labels. I think it looks tacky. However, i love this MK tote (minus the MK logo chain). This tote is priced at $278.00 and it comes in black, nude, tangerine, and a mustard yellow. All the totes are gorgeous! This is definitely a splurge, but a well spent splurge only because this style will last you a few seasons.

It's Nadia approved! Go get yours today!

Heels & kisses,



  1. yeah nadia picked a good one! this tote is really bright and looks like the perfect size. i just wish it was a little cheaper ;)

  2. The color is classic and you can definitely rock it pretty much all year round!


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