Thursday, May 31, 2012

That 70s Post (part 2)

As some of you may remember, I am obsessed with Three's Company. It is by far my favorite comedy still to this day (Cosby Show, I Love Lucy, and Roseanne are all tied for second). 

So I was so excited when I was invited to a 70s themed party in Hollywood, and I didn't want to do a cheesy groovy hippie, flower power, white disco look...but more like this:

easy hair || source
soft makeup || source: makeupforlife
kinda diggin' the socks with shorts look || slums of beverly hills
Target Haul || Rimmel lipstick, shade 12 by Kate Moss
I'm gonna put on my mood ring, paint my nails, and I'm ready to go! My hair is a curly mess right now but I hope that it will be nice and smooth for the party :)

Peace & Love

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