Friday, July 6, 2012

Love Nail Tree

Wow. Its been such a long time since i last blogged :/ Not that anyone missed me, but I'm back!!

A few weeks ago my 'friend' was wearing this awesome shirt. When i first saw it, i yelled from excitement: "OH MY GAWD!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?"

"Oh! this old thing? I got it at the art walk in Downtown LA a few years ago. There was this couple selling shirts, and i bought it from them because at the time it reminded me of when i was broke and eating nothing but cup of noodles".

So i made him take off his shirt and i saw the label and i jumped online and started googling. LOL. Like the creeper cyber stalker that i am, i found the website in .02 seconds.

And this is what i found....

Isnt it awesome? So original and everyone can relate! Especially if you've ever been broke at one point in your life and all you were eating was Cup of Noodles! This tank is priced at $34.00. It's a cheap buy for a one of a kind shirt! Totally worth it.

I also found this top....

Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros!! Awesome shirt! Only $38.00 bucks. I want to buy them all.

I also want to buy this cuff!
Isnt it awesome? its priced at $38.00 bucks.

You can find more original tanks here

Or you can go to Love Nail Tree and order directly online!

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