Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eye Got My Eye on You


I just got my third pair of Warby Parker glasses in the post today! Yay!  If you're unfamiliar with WP and what they do as a company, you can visit their site here or read a previous post on WP here.

Here are my old glasses (Webb - Revolver Black Crystal)

Me, with (not) my friend Tim Kasher ;)

And here are my new specs! (Beckett - Striped Chestnut)

Pardon my schnozz :p
Variety is the spice of life, right?  They probably don't look all that different but I can tell the difference.

If you're interested in buying from WP let us know!  You can visit our previous post on WP about an Ambassador Code discount.   It's definitely worthwhile for their commitment to giving back to the community at large, as well as the level of service they provide.  I mean, you can try on up to FIVE PAIR at HOME -- for free! It's so convenient, and a way to ensure that their customer is satisfied with their product.

Not to mention they come in a fancy box and a hard case with a soft cloth wipe. It's the little things ;)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Rags

Very rarely do i have a male reader suggest where to go shop. That just doesn't happen.

My friend Fernando told me about this website called 'Pretty Rags'. I scanned it rather quickly and i found 3 pieces i absolutely love!

This scarf is super fab! And only $12 bucks!
Images from
Images from
Images from
Both of the tops are under $25 and can be worn with high waisted skirts for the spring! You must check out this website! And best part is.... that its free shipping for orders over $50 bucks! What a deal!

If you're anything like me and dont like to look like others, check out this site! :) (

Heels & Kisses,


Monday, March 26, 2012

Creature from the Dry Lagoon

I'm an early planner. I always have been. I make lists upon lists and rarely do I deviate from those lists. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that I had already planned out my birthday celebration before February had even ended when my birthday isn't until the end of July. Welp, this year...

(img src)
I decided that I'm going to the MotoGP Grand Prix at Laguna Seca!!  You're like, "Huh???"  Well I went last summer for my bday and it was a blast! This year I'll be camping overnight too. I can't wait! Which is so weird, because this is how I usually feel -

I love not camping (img src)
It's not as ~glamorous~ as Nadia's trip to Coachella, but I need to plan and shop nonetheless. I'm inspired:

Americana (src)
Ready, set, go (source)
Who knows, maybe I'll have pink hair?
There are so many lists to make. What should I bring?? Any tips for overnight camping? It's tent camping at a campsite near the track. I've never camped outside of a cabin before. All I know is that alcohol is a must :)

Thanks in advance for any advice!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Product Review: Rimmel London & More Sally Hansen Nail Polish

I know, I know. I made some big promises. Well, my internet went out and I only have time at the library for school work. Sue me ('t sue me!).

I still have plans to write about some amazing women before this month is over but in the mean time you'll just have to bear through my posts about nail polish - again!! ;)

I went to Walgreen's based on a hot tip from a fellow makeup junkie. She told me that they were having a great sale on Rimmel Lip Color, but what I found was they were having a great sale on Rimmel everything.  They were having a buy-one-get-one sale and boy did I ever ;)

This is what I'm wearing now --

My flash makes it look purple but it's more of a greyish brown
It's called "Steel Grey" and is produced by Rimmel London. I got it on clearance for about $2 and I got the base/top coat by Rimmel London as well for the same price.

The paint brush tip of the Rimmel polish is more of a double tip. The coverage is great and the lacquer is pretty high quality for a low price. I love the base and top coat. It's very glossy and doesn't chip. I'm very happy with how my nails turned out with this polish and base/top coat. Almost looks like a professional job! For the Rimmel polish, 5/5

The next polish was more of an impulse buy. I usually get my Sally Hansen at Target but I copped a new one at Walgreens as well. It's Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Golden-I. Note - the Sally Hansen at Walgreens is about $1.25 more than it is at Target!!

img source:
I wore this color last week for St. Patrick's Day. Ya know...pot o' gold and everything. And while I was at Forever 21 I saw this cute glitter polish ($2.80) that I thought would be perfect to layer on top of it.

img src: forever21
This is how it looked --

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
It turned out more like Wonder Woman than leprechaun but more importantly, I didn't really like it. I mean, it looked good but the glitter polish was SO ANNOYING. Even with layers upon layers (5 layers, to be exact) of the Rimmel top coat, the glitter stars still poked out and I ended up peeling them off. Also, the glitter polish in itself was difficult to apply. The stars just didn't want to come out of the bottle. Kind of a waste of $2.80 in my opinion.

The Golden-I polish is good but it wasn't as gold as I'd have liked it to be. It doesn't look the same on my nails as it does in the bottle. It came out more bronze than gold. I was looking for more of a matte gold like the YSL polish on this blog. Overall I'd give Golden-I a 3/5 and the F21 polish a 1/5.

I hope it won't be too long before I can write again! Miss y'all ♥♥♥♥♥


Friday, March 16, 2012

Yard sales = Diamonds in the rough!

My mom, my sister Alice, and Janea, have always been telling me to go to yard sales. Yes, i am surrounded by amazing 'savvy-shoppin' women, and they've all told me that i would find eclectic gems, it's just a matter of lookin' around. But truth is... i never listened. Who the hell has time for this stuff? If you know me, you know that i always have a list of things to do and I'm always in a hurry.

The other day, i was driving to the gym (#4 of things to do on my day off), and i drove through a street that had about 8 yard sales going on. From the corner of my eye i spotted ugly yellow tufted arm chairs. My gut told me to stop. I pulled over and i saw the ugly chairs and i saw something beautiful. (I have an eye for transformation and creativity).

I asked the guy how much for the chairs and he said: "$50 bucks for both chairs and the ottoman". In my head i was yelling: "HOLY MO'FO'!!!! TAKE IT NADIA, TAKE IT!" I somehow also haggled delivery included in that fee, and he took it.

These chairs are in solid condition. And i cannot wait to reupholster them. Janea sent me a link of another blogger who recently reupholstered her chairs

Retail, these chairs would've easily cost me $800 bucks a piece. But luckily, i got them for $50 bucks, which seriously saved me about $1400 (I'm subtracting the upholstery cost) ;)

I'm still undecided about what pattern and color i would like to do them in, since my color scheme is turquoise, black enamel, and white (I'm painting the table above black enamel). After i redo the chairs, i will buy this dining table from Zgallerie ($449.00) to finally complete my look at home. And once the project is finished, i will post pictures of my 'Broke-ultra-chic-fabulous' apartment! :)

If any of you have ideas on what color/pattern i should do my chairs, feel free to share!

p.s. Yes, I'm aware that i owe these fabulous women lots of kudos since they've been telling me to go to yard sales my entire life!

Monday, March 12, 2012

6 days---->LA Marathon

HOLA!! I'm back! My apologies for the hiatus. I have been rather busy and with the marathon training, and it didn't leave me much time to write.

I have exactly 6 more days until the LA Marathon.

Honestly, I'm kinda freaking out. Although, I've trained for 6 months and i am physically prepared; I'm not sure if the mental confidence will kick in seconds before 7.24 am on race day.

The forecast says it will rain next weekend. I am seriously scared because I've never trained in the rain. I heard you can get hypothermia! D:

Since its raining next weekend, i have to buy a few things. Here are the things i am buying:

I am buying this Magenta North Face Hat to protect me from the rain, and of course get spotted easily just in case i die.

I am buying this body glide to put on my feet so i wont bleed due to the friction the rain causes.These gummy energy blocks will be like a party in my mouth! WOOOOHOOO!
I am gulping some of these before the race! #CRACKISWACK!

I would like for everyone to send me positive energy. Hopefully, I'll make it out alive without getting Hypothermia! Wish me the best!


And if i die, just know that i lived an amazing life! :D

Heels & kisses,


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's Old Is New Again

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of weeks. I am so tired from school!  Been spending lots of time at the library -_-

I had some free time to go window shopping the other day, and of course what trip to the mall isn't complete with a "look-see" at Forever 21.  

A lot of their looks right now are very BRIGHT, vibrant, neon even. I don't know if that has to do with a sudden 80s resurgence (a la the movie Drive), but I am just not into it.

What I am digging, though, are the cool vintage-inspired looks they have in stock.
Peter Pan Collar Dress, Coral - $22.80
Scoop Back Lace Dress, Coral - $17.80
Mesh Maxi Dress - $27.80
Front Button Skirt, Tomato - $24.80
Prairie Skirt - $24.80
Maybe it's just the old lady in me who appreciates the aesthetic, but even if it's not the real deal at least it's nice to look at :)

And it's National Women's History Month!  So I'll be working on a new "Remarkable Woman" post for this month. I am so pumped and I can't wait ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


P.S. Late edit, but I just realized this was our 200th post! Yay!

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