Monday, July 30, 2012

Post-it notes

You cant describe her with words. Its sort of difficult sometimes. Not that she's overly complex to describe, its simply because she's too brilliant to describe with words. Words for average people like myself, who have trouble describing things they love. You see, when i love something... i run out of words. I freeze and take a moment to truly think about what kind of word would describe that person. Janea is a genius with words. She can just make it sound so easy and effortless. I, on the other hand, dont have that talent.

So I'm sitting here... hoping that the words just come out and it starts to flow. But nothing is working. I'm drawing a blank here and its frustrating. The thing is, i love Janea. Although, i dont see her everyday, and we dont talk everyday. She's like my sister. And I love and miss her everyday. And today is her birthday.

Janea is probably one of the closest friends i've ever had. She has been there for me, through thick and thin. Shes one of those people who will just tell me, straight up (no BS), things i dont want to hear. She makes me laugh, she's so smart, i love her friendship and miss seeing her everyday. She's one of those people you would be lucky to have in your life. Every time i stir my oatmeal i think of her. Every time, i see a 'Post-it' note, i want to laugh and text her. Its those memories, that keep me missing her. She doesnt put up with BS. And thats why i love her. Because, if you're her friend... you sort of have to push yourself. You have to push yourself to excellence because... Janea see's nothing but potential in the people in her life. And i feel so lucky to have her.

So today, i would like to wish her a very beautiful, and Happy Birthday.... Janea, you're amazing.... and i want you to know that without your friendship... i would be just a weird girl drawing random things on 'Post-it' notes, but i am so happy... there are two of us ;D

I love you,


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Nadia!

To the girl formerly known as "Surf Princess,"

my girl
Happy Birthday!! You have always been a queen. It's just a LEO thing. ♥ ♥ I love you with all my heart. And I am using that picture without your permission ;]  Sue me!

img src: bridgewater gardens
You deserve all the happiness in the world and I am lucky to have you as a friend, a sister, and a co-blogger.  Your style, your the saying goes, "often imitated, never duplicated."

Always remember to follow your heart and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Also don't forget that life's rules are just a bunch of sappy, sentimental clich├ęs but it's OK.  ♥

Always (never) be good.

love you, love you

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday ~ Some (more) Blogs to Follow

Here's another edition of my semi-regular feature of blogs I love.

First up is Twaggies: Because who doesn't like a visual?

img src: twaggies
The Twaggies blog is a "crowdsourced" blog that illustrates some of Twitter's funniest tweets. Read their story here (they said it much better than I can!). I'm a bit of a Twitter-holic, and I've become fans of some of the funny people who have been regularly featured on Twaggies. It's a great way to expand the concept of comedy beyond movies, TV, and conventional writing.
Next up we have Manual Photography.

img src: manual photography
Street fashion photography inspired by Sartorialist (a must-read for any fashion lover, right?) And my favorite part of all is that it is based in LA. I love my city  ♥  I think it takes a certain level of  bravery to ask people if they can take their picture without coming off as a creep, so I commend anyone who does this sort of work. I get excited whenever this blog updates because I wonder if I'll ever recognize anyone in the photos :]
My final pick is the always delightful Fashion Bananas by Delmy.

img src: fashion bananas
Delmy is so wonderful. I love her style, especially her appetite for delicious footwear (something we have in common, although hers more elegant of a collection than mine!). If you're new to her blog and you like what you see, you will end up spending a long time browsing page after page of awesomeness. Style blogs may be a dime a dozen but hers is easily one of the best of the genre.
Any blogs you think we've missed? Comment below! Like the ones we've recommended? Check out the other blogs we love in the links to the right -->

As always...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Head Over Heels

As everyone is probably acutely aware of by now, I am obsessed with fashionable footwear. I have more shoes than I could ever get around to wearing but I really can't help myself. Forever21 makes my obsession affordable and "fashion forward"

Not that I care about being trendy, so to speak, but they always have just what I want and I just keep wearing and tearing about town very well-heeled ;)

My latest finds:

Wedge booties $34.80
Metallic Trim platform wedges $32.80

Leopard strappies - clearance $19
I call these my "bandage" shoes. They are awesome. I usually wear these with tights so the nude color pops out more

The most surprising thing about all of this is that these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. Cheap & comfortable? Sign me up!

Anyone have any recent shoe loves they just can't get over? I'm still in love with all of my buys ;)


Friday, July 13, 2012

Product Review: Benefit Sun Beam

I am a huge fan of Benefit's moon beam. It gives your face a pretty pink pearly glow. I had my first experience a few years ago and have been a devotee ever since:

moon beam || img src: sephora

But for summer it is a little too much for me. So when I went to Sephora the other day to pick up a new mascara and I spotted a new shade, I couldn't resist trying....this:

sun beam || img src: sephora
I know the price tag seems a bit steep: $26 for a little bottle of luminizer. But a little goes a long way. This new formula gives your face a sun-kissed glow that looks very natural and very beautiful. Just dab a little on the brow and cheek bones to give your face a pick me up.

I have been wearing it by itself or under tinted moisturizer with a little mascara and a natural lip color lip liner. A nice fresh face that any Seventeen magazine reader would envy ;)

I'm absolutely head over heels in love with it and I know this will be a regular staple in my makeup bag!

Happy shopping!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The next big thing: Jewel Tone Pumps

Summer just started, and I'm already looking at fall fashion. Lately, I've been in love with green. I think the color green is very bold and daring.

I was browsing on websites and i noticed the jewel tone trend for the fall. I think the colors for this upcoming season are going to be so much fun and will blend easily with a fall wardrobe, transitioning into winter.

Check these pumps out-

These are by Steven, by Steve Madden, priced at $169.00

These gorgeous Rachel Roy shoes are heavier on the price tag, but worth the heel! $225.00

But out of all three, i must say that my favorite, are by Ivanka Trump. Priced at $125.00. They're sassy and super flirty!

If you dont jump on the trend, its okay. Just stick with the all time fabulous pump- the black peep toe.

Heels & kisses,


Monday, July 9, 2012

Malibu Wines

I'm trying to fall out of this LA routine and try new places. I don't like to go to the same place twice unless I love it. (Which is why I have so many yelp reviews). So how can you feel like you're escaping during the weekend and feel at complete ease during the hot summer days in LA? DRINK WINE!

I recently had a date at this winery in Malibu called Malibu Wines. It is absolutely beautiful and amazing. It's open from 11 am - 6 pm and they sell bottles of wine and also offer wine tastings for $12-14 dollars a flight (about 4 tastings in one flight).

This place is ideal for you to come spend the day with friends and family lying out on the grass, listening to live music, while sharing laughs and bottles of wine.

Next time I come it will be with friends and we'll make it a picnic. Bring snacks, lunch, whatever you wish and share with your friends. This place is a gem and it feels like an escape. Bottles of wine are priced from $25-75 dollars.

Trust me, just try it out. You'll love it just as much as i do.

One more thing... valet is $12 bucks (ouch!!)

More information can be found here


Heels & Kisses,


Friday, July 6, 2012

Love Nail Tree

Wow. Its been such a long time since i last blogged :/ Not that anyone missed me, but I'm back!!

A few weeks ago my 'friend' was wearing this awesome shirt. When i first saw it, i yelled from excitement: "OH MY GAWD!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT SHIRT?"

"Oh! this old thing? I got it at the art walk in Downtown LA a few years ago. There was this couple selling shirts, and i bought it from them because at the time it reminded me of when i was broke and eating nothing but cup of noodles".

So i made him take off his shirt and i saw the label and i jumped online and started googling. LOL. Like the creeper cyber stalker that i am, i found the website in .02 seconds.

And this is what i found....

Isnt it awesome? So original and everyone can relate! Especially if you've ever been broke at one point in your life and all you were eating was Cup of Noodles! This tank is priced at $34.00. It's a cheap buy for a one of a kind shirt! Totally worth it.

I also found this top....

Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros!! Awesome shirt! Only $38.00 bucks. I want to buy them all.

I also want to buy this cuff!
Isnt it awesome? its priced at $38.00 bucks.

You can find more original tanks here

Or you can go to Love Nail Tree and order directly online!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coola on Bloomspot

Remember Nadia's post about Coola body lotion? If not, here's a refresher (link).

Anyway, right now on Bloomspot you could snag a deal for Coola Sun Care products - spend $30 for a $60 certificate!

"Eco-friendly is easy, but eco-cool takes practice. And with 70% organic, farm-to-face ingredients and green production practices all around, COOLA is the natural fav. Our tip? Try the SPF 30 Cucumber Face Moisturizer. Suncare that smells good? Like."Erika, Bloomspot Staff Writer

Happy shopping ;]

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