Monday, September 2, 2013

Curly Girl Problems

Okay, okay. So I don't know my curl pattern. I don't know all the terms...but am becoming more familiar with cowashing, twist-outs, and the like. Remember, I'm still in "Hair Restoration" mode.

But I am still in a little bit of distress as to what to actually put in my hair after, and what works best for me and my life. I am willing and open to learn, though. Guides like this really do help!

this car selfie says it all - "bleeehhhhh"
I would prefer more of a "wash and go" style. I don't want to have to take an hour to individually twist or curl each strand or lock of curls/waves. My hair is more curly at the root and more wavy towards the ends.

sleeping on day old hair...yikes

I have also experimented with various shampoos and conditioners, as well as going to "no poo" route and using baking soda & vinegar with periodic coconut oil/olive oil treatments. While I did love the price (read: baking soda and apple cider vinegar are cheap as dirt), I don't like the time it takes to fully transition and even then it was hit or miss for a good hair day. It looked almost dredlocked. Not what I was going for.

Right now I'm alternating between the Proclaim brand Strengthening shampoo & conditioner from Sally's with Organix brand Ginger & Awapuhi repairing shampoo & conditioner from Ulta. The Proclaim has lessened the breakage, and the Organix smells really good and does make my hair feel softer. I just havent figured out what to do for after I wash/condition my hair. What do I put in?

All of this leaves me ending up with just putting my hair into a braid and saying "Forget about it!" But I don't want to go back to the flat iron. Though I miss the ease with which I could just put it up in a slick ponytail (set it and forget it?) I knew that I was doing more harm than good.

I used to use Infusium 23 religiously as a kid to teen, and recently began using it again but it makes my hair feel a little filmy. The Proclaim leave-in conditioner is no better. For styling I've tried Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls, and while it worked at first, it left my hair so dry I ended up returning it to Target. I also tried the Curly Meringue sample and liked that even less. It's just not something that worked for me.

So now I'm set on trying Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme, but now after reading the reviews it may turn out to be a bust, too.

will you be my hair savior?

From what I gather it works better on tighter curls than looser ones like mine. But we shall see! I settled on this after scouring the labels on each product. Some of them are just packed with the weirdest things and I think the only appealing part about them is the price. This was not so unreasonable - $8.

What lengths do you go to for your hair?

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  1. try here maybe?

  2. thanks! i've been all over the curly girl blogs and sites and just doing all the obsessive research i can :)
    so far i'm actually really liking this eden bodyworks curl creme! a lot better than miss jessies.


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